Lakewood Arts Festival.

George and Greg, both winners of the Lakwood arts festival’s scholarship award as Seniors in high school, will be displaying their newest artwork at this years Lakewood Arts Festival. It takes place Saturday August 1st, from 10 am to 6 pm. This is their first time entering, so stop by and check out some of their latest pieces. 


Lebron Etch on ESPN’s SportsNation

George’s Lebron James etch video is going to be featured on SportsNation today, wed. July 8th at 4pm on ESPN2


Manifest Hope Inauguration Celebration January 09

George’s Obama etch was part of the ManifestHope:DC art exhibit which took place for the inauguration. We have created a few pieces of Obama artwork to go along with the new video George just launched.




George and Greg featured in this weeks issue of Sun Newspapers.  We will be posting the online article shortly, but if you get the chance the print version is much more in depth. 



We finally completed and launched GVARTWORK.COM our Brand New website today. Make sure you check it out if you have not been there already. It shows all the newest and up to date artwork of both Greg and George, and It tells the complete story of how George began etching.  It also includes all of our designs and projects, along with Greg’s newest photography. 



Greg and George are going to be in the upcoming issue of Dime Basketball Magazine. It tells some of their favorite stories and features some of their best and favorite NBA artwork.  We will post a link to the article when it is out. 


NAMOS National Art Museum of Sport

George and Greg’s artwork is now on display at the prestigious National Art Museum of Sport. The Museum is located in Indianapolis. The museum also shows the work of some other talented and well known sports artist from all over the country. George’s Tiger Woods piece is on display while Greg’s original of Lebron James is also on display. 



George was commissioned to do a piece for ESPN. George’s Etch of Mike and Tony, the hosts of ESPN’s PTI was featured during the show in mid-July. If you tune in the Etch is still shown during episodes and remains displayed on set between the two.  George’s newest etch of the Chicago Cubs was filmed and will be shown at the start of the playoffs, so look out for that. Wilbon being a Cubbies fan was amazed at the etch and went through naming all 7 players on it. The etch also shows the wrigley sign, sweet Lou and the Cubs logo. It is George’s best piece to date.




Gallery Grand Opening! August 9th and 10th

Greg and George will both be displaying their newest and mostly Cleveland artwork at the newest gallery in Lakewood, The Galleria D’ Arte. The grand opening is Friday August 9th, and will be open to the public beginning the 10th. The Gallery is located on Detroit Ave. 




George and Greg were at the 10th Anniversary of the ESPN Zone in Baltimore July 11th -13th. They displayed their artwork and George demonstrated how he does one of his etches to the crowds amazement. Since the opening 10 years ago, George’s 6 foot etch of Cal Ripken is proudly on display inside the Zone restaurant, which is said to be their most popular piece. For the weekend, George did a etch of the ESPN Zone logo which was made into T shirts and cards. We still have a very small number of them left if your interested.  



George was featured on Inside the NBA during the 2008 NBA Playoffs with Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson, and Dwyane Wade. George did a sketch of Charles Barkley. Charles who is always opinionated, was extremely amazed and kept thanking George for his likeness of him in his TV commercial.  



George Greg and George Jr, who wrote the rap song for the new YouTube Video were invited out to Denver by Keybank and the Nuggets. They launched the video of George creating an etch of Carmelo Anthony, along with magnet giveaway of the etch. George presented Melo with a giclee of the original etch during the press conference for the video.  George and the video were featured at halfime on the Scoreboard.  There are a few of the 15 giclees available. Priceless. Signed by George and Carmelo.




George and Greg were the featured artists at this years Cleveland Sports Awards which took place in January of 08. George’s Cleveland Etch was made into prints signed by all 18 winners. If your interested in 1 of the 5 prints made available, signed by the top athletes in Cleveland, contact us.




BROWNS PRACTICE AND GAMES                   

Greg was invited to the Browns practice to display his artwork for the team.  He is currently working on some pieces and projects for a few players. Look for Greg to be back for training camp taking photos and displaying his newest Browns artwork. 



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