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Favorite Cavs Lebron photos

With the Cavs new season just around the corner I wanted to share some of my favorite photos from last years season that I took.  If your interested in any limited edition original prints, click on the photo below. Thanks, and looking forward to the upcoming season.

 Lebron James block Lebron James cavs photo- witness



I am working on a few Browns pieces as i mentioned. My newest one is of Brady Quinn. It is the first drawing I have ever done of a backup quarterback lol.  This is just a LowRez picture of it, but it is getting there.  I have more work to put in on it and more color to the arms, and more detail on the face, but it is quickly becoming one of my favorite pieces.  Ill post it to the website and on here soon as i finish it, sometime in the next few days.  Let me know what you think, and if your interested, I will be making available some prints down the line.