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Lebron James MVP Artwork

I just finished this morning my latest piece of Lebron James. It is an NBA MVP tribute piece. It has the city of Akron on one side and the City of Cleveland on the other, with a few action shots all from his MVP Season. I am going to be making available very soon a very limited number of hand colored prints.  If your interested in an original print or giclee let me know. It is done with a combination of Inks and pencils, and is appx. 16 x 24″. The piece will unveiled tmrw morning on Fox 8 News. George and I will be on promoting the Battle T Shirts and his MVP etch a sketch he too is working on.Check out our store page if your interested in a print or just leave us a message.Lebron MVP artwork


Newest Cavs-Lebron photos

Here are some of my most recent photographs from the Cavs games this week. The Orlando game was amazing, and there was a ton of action at my end. I did some different things with some of the pictures and combined my art and photography into something new and unique. If you would like to see what photos are available. Click on the image to take you to the store.  Check them out and let me know what you think. lebron james photo

lebron james st pattys day dunk. green shoes.

dwight howard dwight howard dunk warmups

Cavs Pistons photographs.

lebron chalk commercial

The Cavs blew out the Pistons Sunday night, with the return of Delonte West. Here are some photographs I took at the game. Make sure you go to our website and the photo section to see all of the photos from the game, and in much more detail. Thanks, Greg

lebron-pistons allen iverson

Kobe Lebron, Cavs Lakers photographs


kobe bryant

Here are some of my newest photographs from yesterdays Cavs Lakers game.  The Cavs lost there first game of the season at home, thanks in part to a very aggressive and inspired Lamar Odom. Lebron despite being just 2 rebounds from a triple double, didnt play his best game and was hampered by the Lakers defense. To see more pics from this game or the larger size go to my flickr link on the right. 

kobe bryant photo lebron james  kobe bryant kobe bryant pregame vs the cavs  kobe bryant photo pau gasol

Lebron James goes off. Right in front of me. Free throw line dunk

lebron dunk

Fresh off being named the Eastern Conference player of the week, Lebron James scored 41 points for the 3rd time, in less than a week and fortunately I was there to witness it first hand. The Cavs won their 5th game in a row, and are now a perfect 4-0 at the Q. Here are some of the photos I took from last night’s Cavs-Bucks game. The second photo is from the dunk he took off from the free throw line. At the time i had no idea he took off from that far. Sort of amazing. Click on them to see the larger versions of the photos. And make sure you check out gvartwork.com to see our original Lebron artwork.lebron dunk from the freethrow line

andy2bestwname   lebron james   mo williams cavs lebron james fouled andrew bogut andrew bogut anderson varejao  mo williams