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Newest Cavs-Lebron photos

Here are some of my most recent photographs from the Cavs games this week. The Orlando game was amazing, and there was a ton of action at my end. I did some different things with some of the pictures and combined my art and photography into something new and unique. If you would like to see what photos are available. Click on the image to take you to the store.  Check them out and let me know what you think. lebron james photo

lebron james st pattys day dunk. green shoes.

dwight howard dwight howard dunk warmups


Dwight Howard artwork finished

I finally finished my latest piece. It is of Dwight Howard. Its done with a combination of inks paints pastels and pencils. It is 16 x24″. I am going to be releasing only 12 hand embellished original giclee prints of this piece. They are $500, and each one is hand colored and original. If your interested let me know. Also go to gvartwork.com to see a blown up more detailed picture of this piece in the artwork section. -Greg

Dwight Howard original artwork by greg vlosich

Dwight Howard artwork in the works.

dwight howard art in progress-2

I have been working on my latest piece and it is of the Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard. It is done with a mixture of inks, paints and color pencils. It is appx. 16 by 24″. It still has a ways to go but here is your first sneak peek and what the piece is beginning to look like. A lot more detail needs to be put in but I wanted to share it with you in the works. Keep checking back and if you would like to order a limited edition hand colored giclee print, 1 of only 12, of this piece that I am going to be releasing let me know in advance. -Thanks, Greg