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Browns Training Camp

I made a visit to Browns Training camp yesterday to watch practice and take some pics. The weather was perfect and I had a great time. The team looked good, practice was efficient. Braylon made a few nice catches while Cribbs dropped a few at wr. Watching practice got me even more excited for Saturdays first preseason game. Im looking forward to watching James Davis and Mohamed Massaquoi as I have heard nothing but good things about them. Anyways here are just a few of the photos from yesterday practice. Go here to our Photo Gallery  to see more. 

Josh Cribbs Browns


Vintage Jim Brown Artwork in the works.

Jim Brown artwork by greg vlosich 

I have been working on a new piece of Jim Brown. It is the first of a few pieces of vintage type artwork that I am going to experiment with. I am extremely excited with how they are turning out and look forward to doing a few more in this style. I recently was invited into the Browns practice and displayed this piece along with some other artwork. andra-me

If your interested in purchasing this limited edition item you can go here to our GV Store


We designed Pound for Pound Orange and Brown T shirts for the players. They are being sold at Sportstown’s and a few other stores with more to come. We have gotten a great response to the shirts so far, and we also have a Pound for Pound Orange and Brown rock song that goes along.  You can go here BROWNS SHIRTS to our store page or our website to order the shirts.  Also we found a few pictures During the Monday Night Football game of people in the crowd wearing the shirts and one shot on ESPN. 

This is huge advertising! And obviously seen by millions of people. I am totally kidding but it was kind of neat to see.

 Also I put together something kind of cool of Eric Wrights 94 yard interception return for a touchdown. The play of the game. Let me know what you think, I did it quick and may still add a few more things and fix up some photoshop mistakes.  


The Brady Quinn piece is complete. I have gotten a great response to it so far. In case you didnt notice, I included the Notre Dame logo in the background, not extremely noticeable, for I am a buckeye fan. I am making available, only 10 hand embelished giclees. They look just as good if not better than the original, and then I am going back into each one with color to make each unique and original.  Contact me if you are interested.

Brady Quinn Artwork by Greg Vlosich

Brady Quinn Artwork by Greg Vlosich

Cleveland Browns Training Camp 08

I made my way to Browns camp to take some photos for some of the players, and mostly just for fun. It was definitely a hot one. Here are a few of the shots I took, mostly of the defensive backs. Its good to see Mike playing so well. Hopefully everyone can get healthy before our brutal regular season begins. 


Jim Brown Artwork

After starting it a month or so ago I finally finished the Jim Brown piece. I had worked on a few other ones while working on this one, but i finally decide it was time to complete it.  If your interested in it or any prints of any of my work, let me know. As of now I am only doing very limited artist proofs of my work.  


I am working on a few Browns pieces as i mentioned. My newest one is of Brady Quinn. It is the first drawing I have ever done of a backup quarterback lol.  This is just a LowRez picture of it, but it is getting there.  I have more work to put in on it and more color to the arms, and more detail on the face, but it is quickly becoming one of my favorite pieces.  Ill post it to the website and on here soon as i finish it, sometime in the next few days.  Let me know what you think, and if your interested, I will be making available some prints down the line.