Should the Browns Trade Up to Draft RG3?

In a recent interview with the media, the NFL Network’s draft guru Mike Mayock stated that he thinks the Browns should do “whatever it takes” to ensure that they get Robert Griffin III in this year’s draft.  This could mean trading up to the number two slot rather than staying put and hoping that RG3 falls to their current fourth position.  Teams such as Washington and Miami could attempt to trade with St. Louis for their spot at two, which they would then use on Griffin if the Browns don’t make any moves.  The Browns have plenty to give the Rams if they decide they need to move up two spots to get Griffin, but is it worth it?  It is speculated that if the Browns want to move up to the number two slot, they would have to trade St. Louis both of their first round picks, the fourth and 22nd overall.  With an offense in as much disarray as the Browns, it may not be worth it to trade away two first rounders.  The offense needs a lot of work, and it becomes a question as to whether RG3 is really that dynamic to warrant trading away two first round picks that could be used on quality offensive players.  The Browns ranked 30th of 32 teams last year in points scored, averaging 13.6 points per game.  Their passing ranked 24th and rushing was 28th, while falling to 29th in total yards.  There is obviously a lot of work to be done. 

The question comes back to, is it worth it to trade away two first round picks to select Griffin at the number two spot.  The NFL is a quarterback driven league.  Looking at this year’s playoff teams, Eli, Brady, Rodgers, Brees, and Roethlisberger all made it.  These five quarterbacks have all lead their teams to at least one Super Bowl in each of the last five, except Brady, but he has three Super Bowl wins in five appearances.  Could RG3 be our answer? 

From everything I hear, RG3 is a dynamic player.  I’m no draft expert, but everyone who claims to be seems very high on Griffin.  The problem with Griffin coming to the Browns is that we run a West Coast offense whereas he ran a spread at Baylor.  Mayock says we should adjust our offensive scheme to tailor to Griffin’s abilities.  However, the Browns obviously made no adjustments last year to try and help Colt in our dismal system, who says they won’t be too stubborn to do the same with Griffin?  Another knock on Griffin is that he’s listed at only 6’2” which is undersized for a quarterback.  Will his height affect his ability to perform in the NFL?  Apparently, most draft experts do not believe it will, which is why Mel Kiper Jr. has us selecting him fourth and Mayock believes we should move up to two to select him.  I am all for the Browns selecting the right guy to lead us in the future and into the playoffs, but am unsure if I would trade away two first round picks for him.  I think I would rather keep my picks and select other impact players such as Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon and another solid offensive threat at 22.  Only time will tell what the Browns decide to do, and free agency will have a huge role in this year’s draft.  Depending on what happens with Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn, this could all sort itself out before draft day on April 26.  Until then, everyone in Cleveland will be speculating as to which way the Browns will go.

What do you think the Browns should do?  Trade away our first round picks to get RG3, or stay put at four?  Or do you think they should target someone else altogether?


Throw the Hammer Down! Our Austin Carr “Mr. Cavalier” Shirt

Austin Carr’s number 34 hangs from the rafters at the “Q” as one of the six numbers to be retired in Cleveland Cavalier history.  Carr was the first overall selection by the Cavs in the 1971 draft; coming out of Notre Dame as a two-time All American.  He had an immediate impact on the Cavaliers roster and was an integral part of the Miracle of Richfield and the Cavs playoff run from 1975-1978.  Austin Carr still remains the franchise leader in field goals attempted and field goals made, and ranks second in points scored.

Nowadays, you can listen to Austin’s colorful commentary alongside fellow Cavalier broadcaster Fred McCleod.  The duo has become one of the most enjoyable teams of broadcasters in sports.  They feed off each other’s energy and set each other up perfectly for classic one-liners.  Austin has coined a number of famous phrases around the city of Cleveland including: “Throw the Hammer Down!”, “Get That Weak Stuff Outta Here!” and “From Deep, in the Q!”  You can be assured that you will hear one of these phrases during every Cavalier telecast and Austin will say it with the same enthusiasm every single time.         

GV Art + Design has teamed up with Austin before and we have decided to do it once again with our newest “Mr. Cavalier” shirt.  Besides being a great athlete and entertaining broadcaster, Austin is also an all-around good guy who has been a privilege to work with.  Austin has always been a Cleveland favorite.  With our newest “Mr. Cavalier” design, you can pay homage to a man who has remained true to the city of Cleveland from the day he was drafted.  Austin Carr will forever remain, Mr. Cavalier.

Cleveland vs. LeBron

The Cleveland Cavaliers play the Miami Heat tonight in South Beach and everyone knows there is still a lingering hatred among Cavs fans for our once beloved hometown hero LeBron James.  Personally, my animosity towards the “Chosen One” has subsided a bit after watching him play the sidekick role to Dwyane Wade during their loss in last year’s Finals.  LeBron lacks the killer instinct that is required to place him atop the list of NBA legends.  In a recent interview, Michael Jordan said the only player in the league who could be compared to MJ would be Kobe Bryant.  Bryant exhibits the same drive and passion for the game that put Jordan at the top of NBA greats.  Both players are the first ones in the gym and last ones out.  Basketball is life.  LeBron, on the other hand, is so focused on becoming a global icon that he now holds a minority stake in the Liverpool Football Club and even launched a cartoon web series last year.  His sole focus is not basketball.  His goal is to spread out across a variety of platforms so that he can become one of the biggest names in the world.  His passion for the game is lacking compared to other greats.  Even his own teammate, Chris Bosh, hinted at LeBron’s inability to close out games by doing a recent GQ interview in which he said he would want Dwyane Wade to take the last shot.  Bosh stated that Wade’s “a champ. He’s an MVP” he also said “he relishes those moments”.  Without hesitating, Bosh showed he would much rather have Wade shooting the ball with the game on the line than LeBron.  This is why LeBron had to leave Cleveland and “take his talents to South Beach” because he doesn’t have the clutch gene.  LeBron needs to be Wade’s sidekick in order to win his championship.  LeBron has elevated his game thus far this season by limiting his 3-point attempts and improving his low-post game which could lead to his 3rd MVP, but he will still be criticized and hated for leaving his local team and city who adored him by breaking up with them on national TV to join his fellow superstars in South Beach.

Feel free to vent about LeBron or defend him by posting in our comments section.  And for any Cleveland fans or any other NBA fans who are simply sick of LeBron and his ego, be sure to visit our website and browse our collection of “Lyin’ King” and “Global Con” t-shirts.     

Get Your Muhammad Ali T-shirt and Print Today!

In celebration of Muhammad Ali’s 70th birthday, GV Art + Design is printing a limited edition t-shirt of George’s extremely detailed Etch a Sketch portraying Ali.  The shirt uses George’s intricate line work from his latest Ali Etch as the shirt’s design.  When you order, not only will you receive the t-shirt, but you will also receive a 16” x 20” print valued at $50.  Celebrate “the World’s Greatest” by purchasing your shirt and print created by “the World’s Greatest” Etch a Sketch artist.  There will only be one print run, so the supply is very scarce.  Get yours today, while supplies last.

Muhammad Ali Celebrates 70th Birthday

Muhammad Ali has returned to his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky this week to celebrate his 70th birthday.  Ali was born in Louisville on January 17, 1942.  Dubbing himself as “the Greatest of All Time”, Ali lived up to this billing by becoming an Olympic gold medalist and heavyweight champion of the world.  He fought such monumental fights as his 1971 loss to Joe Frazier at Madison Square Garden in “the Fight of the Century”, his 1974 defeat of George Foreman in “the Rumble in the Jungle” to regain the heavyweight title and his win over Frazier in the epic “Thrilla in Manila” bout in 1975.  Throughout his career, Ali proved to be the greatest and no one since has quite been able to match his charisma or fighting style. 

In homage to Muhammad Ali’s illustrious career, George and Greg have compiled a number of magnificent Ali works of art.  Just as no one has been able to match Ali’s fighting style, no one has been able to duplicate the Vlosichs’ artistic styles and just as Ali was the “world’s greatest” boxer, so too is George Vlosich the “world’s greatest” with the Etch a Sketch.  George and Greg decided to assemble a collection of their Ali pieces to share during Ali’s 70th birthday week celebration.  Let us know what you think by leaving a comment, and tell us which piece is your favorite.

Thank you for a Great 2011!

GV Art + Design had a great year in 2011.  We are extremely thankful for all the positive feedback and support we have received.  We strive that we will continue to maintain positive relationships with our loyal customers and hope to gain new supporters with our latest creative art and designs.  We encourage all feedback letting us know what you like, and what you think we could do better.  After all, satisfying the customer is our top priority.  We have come so far within the last few years, and we hope to continue this trend by making 2012 our most successful year to date.  Be sure to keep up to date with all that is GV Art + Design through our various social media outlets.  Once again, thank you for the support and we hope you have a happy and prosperous new year.

George’s Paul McCartney Etch Displayed at Art Basel

Art Basel is the most prestigious art show in the Americas.  The 2011 show, which recently wrapped up in Miami Beach, Florida, included more than 260 galleries across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia and more than 2,000 artists displayed their work.  George was one such artist to have his work on display during Art Basel 2011. 

George is world renown for his ability to create fantastic and awe inspiring portraits on the Etch a Sketch; he has been featured on shows such as Oprah, The Late Show with David Letterman and ABC – 20/20 to name a few.  He recently created a Paul McCartney piece specifically for Art Basel 2011 which was displayed with the Verne Gallery.  With this piece, George continues to show why he is the greatest Etch a Sketch artist in the world.

The etch incorporates various elements of McCartney’s singer/songwriter career.  The left side depicts McCartney holding his bass in his signature Beatles black suit in the foreground with the British flag behind him along with lyrics to the song “Yesterday”, a song that was voted the #1 pop song of all time by MTV and Rolling Stone.  The right side of the etch contains a dreamily looking headshot of McCartney with diamonds and stars over his left shoulder, paying homage to another Beatles song, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”.  The details and shading that George includes in this etch, as he does in all his works, continue to amaze and prove that he is the greatest Etch a Sketch artist in the world.

What do you think of this latest Etch a Sketch from George?  What is your favorite Etch a Sketch he has ever done?