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Thank you for a Great 2011!

GV Art + Design had a great year in 2011.  We are extremely thankful for all the positive feedback and support we have received.  We strive that we will continue to maintain positive relationships with our loyal customers and hope to gain new supporters with our latest creative art and designs.  We encourage all feedback letting us know what you like, and what you think we could do better.  After all, satisfying the customer is our top priority.  We have come so far within the last few years, and we hope to continue this trend by making 2012 our most successful year to date.  Be sure to keep up to date with all that is GV Art + Design through our various social media outlets.  Once again, thank you for the support and we hope you have a happy and prosperous new year.


George’s Paul McCartney Etch Displayed at Art Basel

Art Basel is the most prestigious art show in the Americas.  The 2011 show, which recently wrapped up in Miami Beach, Florida, included more than 260 galleries across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia and more than 2,000 artists displayed their work.  George was one such artist to have his work on display during Art Basel 2011. 

George is world renown for his ability to create fantastic and awe inspiring portraits on the Etch a Sketch; he has been featured on shows such as Oprah, The Late Show with David Letterman and ABC – 20/20 to name a few.  He recently created a Paul McCartney piece specifically for Art Basel 2011 which was displayed with the Verne Gallery.  With this piece, George continues to show why he is the greatest Etch a Sketch artist in the world.

The etch incorporates various elements of McCartney’s singer/songwriter career.  The left side depicts McCartney holding his bass in his signature Beatles black suit in the foreground with the British flag behind him along with lyrics to the song “Yesterday”, a song that was voted the #1 pop song of all time by MTV and Rolling Stone.  The right side of the etch contains a dreamily looking headshot of McCartney with diamonds and stars over his left shoulder, paying homage to another Beatles song, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”.  The details and shading that George includes in this etch, as he does in all his works, continue to amaze and prove that he is the greatest Etch a Sketch artist in the world.

What do you think of this latest Etch a Sketch from George?  What is your favorite Etch a Sketch he has ever done?

My Take on the Browns Ravens Game

The Browns lost in their usual fashion yesterday in the “Factory of Sadness”.  It was an ugly game from start to finish.  The Ravens owned the ball and made up their mind early on that they were targeting our weak run defense.  Ray Rice and Ricky Williams racked up a total of 280 combined yards, keeping their defense rested and ours winded on the rain soaked field.  The game started out somewhat promising, with Peyton Hillis picking up positive yards early on.  However, our receivers and tight ends continued to have a case of the “drops” and could not make catches when we needed them.  Once we fell behind, the Browns decided to vacate the run, and turn to our stellar passing game.  Colt McCoy continues to get pummeled, and as stated before, our receivers continue to make his job more difficult with their inability to catch the ball.  In all honesty, I barely paid any attention to the second half.  The first half was painful enough to watch. 

After yet another boring and difficult to watch loss, I flipped on Fox to catch the end of the Packers at Giants game just in time to see the Giants tie it up with a 2-point conversion with 0:58 left to play.  Packers got the ball on the 20 yard line after a touchback.  After watching the Browns, I assume this game will go into overtime.  However, the Packers are on a whole other level than us, and Aaron Rogers is able to lead them down the field and into easy field goal position with plenty of time to spare.  Watching an ending like this makes me wonder if and when the Browns will ever be this type of caliber team.  Every year since they returned in `99 we’ve been hopeful for a winning team that can string together impressive wins, but instead we see the team we saw yesterday.  I’m hoping that whatever our final record winds up being, it will be enough for us to land some offensive threat such as Trent Richardson or Justin Blackmon.  Maybe then, we will finally be able to compete with the big boys.  What do you think?  What do the Browns need to finally regain some relevance in the NFL?

Just in time for the Holidays!

Be sure to visit the Indians Team Shop to browse its selection of CleveLand That I Love apparel.  With the Browns season just past the halfway marker and the holidays rapidly approaching, the Indians Team Shop has a wide variety of our Browns gear in stock.  Make sure to get the avid fan in your family the latest design from our Browns collection.  You can visit the Indians Team Shop at one of these six locations: Progressive Field, Great Lakes Mall, The Strip, Summit Mall, South Park Centre or Westgate.  Be sure to stay warm during this holiday season by wearing your city with pride.

Factory of Sadness Shirt in the News

Our Brownies were able to squeak out a gritty win Sunday and temporarily lift the “Factory of Sadness” label that has been given to Cleveland Browns Stadium.  Despite this nail-biting win, our t-shirts portraying the “Factory of Sadness” have been gaining tremendous publicity throughout various local TV stations, magazines and newspapers.  In case you missed it, you can watch the video, or read the article by clicking on the links below.  We’d like to thank everyone for their incredible support and positive feedback. If you’ve already purchased a shirt, let us know the reactions you’ve received while wearing it, and if you have pictures be sure to post them to our CleveLand That I Love facebook page. 

Channel 5 News

Scene Magazine

Akron News Now

Cleveland Browns Stadium – A Factory of Sadness

Every Sunday, fans pack Cleveland Browns Stadium and do everything in their power to help the home team win.  However, these wins have been few and far between since the return of the Browns in 1999 and the building of their new home along the shores of Lake Erie.  Cleveland comedian Mike Polk has recently dubbed Browns Stadium a “Factory of Sadness” and we couldn’t agree more.  The Browns continue to find new and unbelievable ways to lose games and give their loyal fans more to gripe about.  Despite these horrendous losses, we as Clevelanders continue to remain faithful to our beloved Browns, increasing the heartbreak week after week.  Show your loyalty for the Browns in our rendition of Polk’s “Factory of Sadness” inspired t-shirt.  And no matter what, “see you Sunday”. Click on the images below to check out the shirt or check out the rest of our Browns Collection.

6 Year Old Georgie Vlosich IV Designs Latest CleveLand That I Love Shirt

We continue to promote our CleveLand That I Love brand with the addition of our newest designer, six year old, Georgie Vlosich IV.  Georgie, like his dad George III and uncle Greg, has an innate passion for art.  We decided to incorporate Georgie’s drawing of Cleveland’s Terminal Tower into our latest t- shirt design.  We are currently printing the design in kid’s sizes and onesies.  Click on the picture below to order yours now and jump-start Georgie’s career as a designer!