OKCLE – Cleveland for Oklahoma City

With last year’s success of our “Cavs for Mavs” shirt during the NBA Finals, we have once again decided to create a shirt supporting the Heat’s opponent.  This year we created our OKCLE shirt to rally behind the Oklahoma City Thunder in hopes that they can experience the same success the Mavericks had last year.  Being Clevelanders, we still hold some animosity towards LeBron for the way he left the city.  Therefore we, along with many other Clevelanders, are pulling for the Thunder in their attempt to bring an NBA Title to Oklahoma City. 

Our OKCLE shirt has already been generating a lot of buzz and support, including being featured on Channel 3 local news.  Be sure to order yours now so that you can show your support for Oklahoma City while supporting Cleveland at the same time.  As our tagline says, “Won’t Steal Your Thunder.  Only Borrowing It.”  


One response to “OKCLE – Cleveland for Oklahoma City

  1. If only Clevelanders would use this energy to actually support their baseball team… sigh…

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