Should the Browns Trade Up to Draft RG3?

In a recent interview with the media, the NFL Network’s draft guru Mike Mayock stated that he thinks the Browns should do “whatever it takes” to ensure that they get Robert Griffin III in this year’s draft.  This could mean trading up to the number two slot rather than staying put and hoping that RG3 falls to their current fourth position.  Teams such as Washington and Miami could attempt to trade with St. Louis for their spot at two, which they would then use on Griffin if the Browns don’t make any moves.  The Browns have plenty to give the Rams if they decide they need to move up two spots to get Griffin, but is it worth it?  It is speculated that if the Browns want to move up to the number two slot, they would have to trade St. Louis both of their first round picks, the fourth and 22nd overall.  With an offense in as much disarray as the Browns, it may not be worth it to trade away two first rounders.  The offense needs a lot of work, and it becomes a question as to whether RG3 is really that dynamic to warrant trading away two first round picks that could be used on quality offensive players.  The Browns ranked 30th of 32 teams last year in points scored, averaging 13.6 points per game.  Their passing ranked 24th and rushing was 28th, while falling to 29th in total yards.  There is obviously a lot of work to be done. 

The question comes back to, is it worth it to trade away two first round picks to select Griffin at the number two spot.  The NFL is a quarterback driven league.  Looking at this year’s playoff teams, Eli, Brady, Rodgers, Brees, and Roethlisberger all made it.  These five quarterbacks have all lead their teams to at least one Super Bowl in each of the last five, except Brady, but he has three Super Bowl wins in five appearances.  Could RG3 be our answer? 

From everything I hear, RG3 is a dynamic player.  I’m no draft expert, but everyone who claims to be seems very high on Griffin.  The problem with Griffin coming to the Browns is that we run a West Coast offense whereas he ran a spread at Baylor.  Mayock says we should adjust our offensive scheme to tailor to Griffin’s abilities.  However, the Browns obviously made no adjustments last year to try and help Colt in our dismal system, who says they won’t be too stubborn to do the same with Griffin?  Another knock on Griffin is that he’s listed at only 6’2” which is undersized for a quarterback.  Will his height affect his ability to perform in the NFL?  Apparently, most draft experts do not believe it will, which is why Mel Kiper Jr. has us selecting him fourth and Mayock believes we should move up to two to select him.  I am all for the Browns selecting the right guy to lead us in the future and into the playoffs, but am unsure if I would trade away two first round picks for him.  I think I would rather keep my picks and select other impact players such as Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon and another solid offensive threat at 22.  Only time will tell what the Browns decide to do, and free agency will have a huge role in this year’s draft.  Depending on what happens with Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn, this could all sort itself out before draft day on April 26.  Until then, everyone in Cleveland will be speculating as to which way the Browns will go.

What do you think the Browns should do?  Trade away our first round picks to get RG3, or stay put at four?  Or do you think they should target someone else altogether?


2 responses to “Should the Browns Trade Up to Draft RG3?

  1. We need to give Colt McCoy a chance to win with actual WR’s. He holds the record for the most wins as a QB in NCAA history and the Browns need a winner at QB. Does everyone forget that our WR’s ranked at the top of the league for the most dropped passes last year? Get Blackmon at pick 4 and Lamar Miller at pick 22, who by the way ran the fastest 40 time for RB’s, and faster than RG3. For once, let’s try and build a team through the draft rather than cash in all of our top picks for a bust that sets us behind 4 years…..again.

  2. bobbygallagher

    I agree. Not only were our WR’s dropping passes, but our O-Line allowed 32 sacks and our leading rusher ran for 587 yards. I think if Colt gets some protection as well as a consistent running game and the addition of a dynamic player such as Blackmon, we’ll be in much better shape. Not saying Colt is our franchise QB, but I really don’t think we can risk giving up all those picks for one player. We have high enough picks where we can surround Colt with some actual playmakers.

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