Cleveland vs. LeBron

The Cleveland Cavaliers play the Miami Heat tonight in South Beach and everyone knows there is still a lingering hatred among Cavs fans for our once beloved hometown hero LeBron James.  Personally, my animosity towards the “Chosen One” has subsided a bit after watching him play the sidekick role to Dwyane Wade during their loss in last year’s Finals.  LeBron lacks the killer instinct that is required to place him atop the list of NBA legends.  In a recent interview, Michael Jordan said the only player in the league who could be compared to MJ would be Kobe Bryant.  Bryant exhibits the same drive and passion for the game that put Jordan at the top of NBA greats.  Both players are the first ones in the gym and last ones out.  Basketball is life.  LeBron, on the other hand, is so focused on becoming a global icon that he now holds a minority stake in the Liverpool Football Club and even launched a cartoon web series last year.  His sole focus is not basketball.  His goal is to spread out across a variety of platforms so that he can become one of the biggest names in the world.  His passion for the game is lacking compared to other greats.  Even his own teammate, Chris Bosh, hinted at LeBron’s inability to close out games by doing a recent GQ interview in which he said he would want Dwyane Wade to take the last shot.  Bosh stated that Wade’s “a champ. He’s an MVP” he also said “he relishes those moments”.  Without hesitating, Bosh showed he would much rather have Wade shooting the ball with the game on the line than LeBron.  This is why LeBron had to leave Cleveland and “take his talents to South Beach” because he doesn’t have the clutch gene.  LeBron needs to be Wade’s sidekick in order to win his championship.  LeBron has elevated his game thus far this season by limiting his 3-point attempts and improving his low-post game which could lead to his 3rd MVP, but he will still be criticized and hated for leaving his local team and city who adored him by breaking up with them on national TV to join his fellow superstars in South Beach.

Feel free to vent about LeBron or defend him by posting in our comments section.  And for any Cleveland fans or any other NBA fans who are simply sick of LeBron and his ego, be sure to visit our website and browse our collection of “Lyin’ King” and “Global Con” t-shirts.     


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