Muhammad Ali Celebrates 70th Birthday

Muhammad Ali has returned to his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky this week to celebrate his 70th birthday.  Ali was born in Louisville on January 17, 1942.  Dubbing himself as “the Greatest of All Time”, Ali lived up to this billing by becoming an Olympic gold medalist and heavyweight champion of the world.  He fought such monumental fights as his 1971 loss to Joe Frazier at Madison Square Garden in “the Fight of the Century”, his 1974 defeat of George Foreman in “the Rumble in the Jungle” to regain the heavyweight title and his win over Frazier in the epic “Thrilla in Manila” bout in 1975.  Throughout his career, Ali proved to be the greatest and no one since has quite been able to match his charisma or fighting style. 

In homage to Muhammad Ali’s illustrious career, George and Greg have compiled a number of magnificent Ali works of art.  Just as no one has been able to match Ali’s fighting style, no one has been able to duplicate the Vlosichs’ artistic styles and just as Ali was the “world’s greatest” boxer, so too is George Vlosich the “world’s greatest” with the Etch a Sketch.  George and Greg decided to assemble a collection of their Ali pieces to share during Ali’s 70th birthday week celebration.  Let us know what you think by leaving a comment, and tell us which piece is your favorite.

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