My Take on the Browns Ravens Game

The Browns lost in their usual fashion yesterday in the “Factory of Sadness”.  It was an ugly game from start to finish.  The Ravens owned the ball and made up their mind early on that they were targeting our weak run defense.  Ray Rice and Ricky Williams racked up a total of 280 combined yards, keeping their defense rested and ours winded on the rain soaked field.  The game started out somewhat promising, with Peyton Hillis picking up positive yards early on.  However, our receivers and tight ends continued to have a case of the “drops” and could not make catches when we needed them.  Once we fell behind, the Browns decided to vacate the run, and turn to our stellar passing game.  Colt McCoy continues to get pummeled, and as stated before, our receivers continue to make his job more difficult with their inability to catch the ball.  In all honesty, I barely paid any attention to the second half.  The first half was painful enough to watch. 

After yet another boring and difficult to watch loss, I flipped on Fox to catch the end of the Packers at Giants game just in time to see the Giants tie it up with a 2-point conversion with 0:58 left to play.  Packers got the ball on the 20 yard line after a touchback.  After watching the Browns, I assume this game will go into overtime.  However, the Packers are on a whole other level than us, and Aaron Rogers is able to lead them down the field and into easy field goal position with plenty of time to spare.  Watching an ending like this makes me wonder if and when the Browns will ever be this type of caliber team.  Every year since they returned in `99 we’ve been hopeful for a winning team that can string together impressive wins, but instead we see the team we saw yesterday.  I’m hoping that whatever our final record winds up being, it will be enough for us to land some offensive threat such as Trent Richardson or Justin Blackmon.  Maybe then, we will finally be able to compete with the big boys.  What do you think?  What do the Browns need to finally regain some relevance in the NFL?

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