Cleveland Browns Stadium – A Factory of Sadness

Every Sunday, fans pack Cleveland Browns Stadium and do everything in their power to help the home team win.  However, these wins have been few and far between since the return of the Browns in 1999 and the building of their new home along the shores of Lake Erie.  Cleveland comedian Mike Polk has recently dubbed Browns Stadium a “Factory of Sadness” and we couldn’t agree more.  The Browns continue to find new and unbelievable ways to lose games and give their loyal fans more to gripe about.  Despite these horrendous losses, we as Clevelanders continue to remain faithful to our beloved Browns, increasing the heartbreak week after week.  Show your loyalty for the Browns in our rendition of Polk’s “Factory of Sadness” inspired t-shirt.  And no matter what, “see you Sunday”. Click on the images below to check out the shirt or check out the rest of our Browns Collection.

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