Original Lebron “Lyin King” shirts

Since Lebron made his decision to leave Cleveland in a most disgusting way, we made our decision to come out with our “Lyin King” shirts the next day. We wanted to come up with something not vulgar or obscene in any way. The quote on the shirt says it all, and makes as profound a statement as any. The Lyin King shirts have since become the hottest shirts in Cleveland and around the country, featured on blogs and newspapers throughout the nation. They have since been copied and bootlegged by many people, which is frustrating but also neat to say we were the original creators. We have done our best to prevent the copiers, and seem to have put a stop to the bootleggers for now, and the shirt is still selling as hot as ever. We are hoping to see hundreds or thousands of these packing the Q arena when Lebron finally comes back to town.  If you have never seen the shirt, or still do not own one make sure you order yours online. Its the only official Lyin King shirt, complete with our Cleveland That I Love by GV logo on the back printed on the highest quality American Apparel shirts. Check out the picture below and click on it to order. 


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