Cleve Land That I Love

We have been swamped with fulfilling orders from the Oprah appearance, but its good to be able to get back to work and back to some more Cleveland products and designs we have had in the works. In October we launched our Cleve Land That I Love campaign, and it has been getting some really amazing attention. The emails and comments of those who have ordered has been overwhelming. All excited and happy to be WEARING CLEVELAND PROUD.  It has been seen on all of the local news channels as well as the plain dealer and various radio shows. Its even more important now to show this is the Land that we love after all the bad attention and publicity Cleveland has received recently. We were determined in October, and even more determined now to show the rest of the World we are Happy in Cleveland. Here are just some of the latest  up to date T shirt designs. Click on the image below to check out all of them at our GV Store. Look for more designs and ideas coming out very soon. We have been hard at work, and are excited to share them!

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