New Obama youtube etch video launched.

George has launched his newest video, this one of Barack Obama. It is part of a collection of things for the Manifest Hope gallery for the inauguration. It has an original song written by GV Jr. and contains an Obama MLK piece of artwork that Greg and George collaborated on. Here is the video and check out our store to see more of our Obama products or to get a free print. You can also download the song on our store page.


obama etch print

One response to “New Obama youtube etch video launched.

  1. Dear Greg and George,
    I was in California during inauguration day and my friends had a party. Christoph Brown was there and brought his etch-a-sketch…I got to play with it for about a minute or two. I couldn’t wait to get back home to VA so that I could get an etch-a-sketch…it had been years and I remember taking to it like a fish in water. So yesterday I purchased one…YAY! I’m been practicing and researching artists online. BTW, I went to school with Shepard Fairy, did you meet him at the inauguration? I would like very much to become friends with you both as I respect your talents immensely, and maybe someday meet you.


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