Vintage Jim Brown Artwork in the works.

Jim Brown artwork by greg vlosich 

I have been working on a new piece of Jim Brown. It is the first of a few pieces of vintage type artwork that I am going to experiment with. I am extremely excited with how they are turning out and look forward to doing a few more in this style. I recently was invited into the Browns practice and displayed this piece along with some other artwork. andra-me

If your interested in purchasing this limited edition item you can go here to our GV Store

4 responses to “Vintage Jim Brown Artwork in the works.

  1. Hi Greg,

    Love your work.

    The Jim Brown piece has a wonderful nostalgic look to it. I admire your painterly style a lot.

    Not since the great Merv Corning have I enjoyed a sports illustration so much.

    Any chance that you’d do a You Tube video, showing off your incredible technique?

    I’d love to know for instance what paper, inks, paints and pencils you use.

    All the best. You have a bright future!
    — Wayne

  2. I like the vintage peices. How about a Larry Bird piece. I know there are a lot of front runners in Cleveland that would probably buy it.

  3. There are also some legitimate fans of boston in cleveland that might buy it. ones that can spell “pieces” too.

  4. Bill, I don’t understand why you would make that comment. You must be one of those front runners. In that case I’ll be rooting for your Titans. You know, the team you probably have loved since way back in the second week of the season.

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